Ja Morant HUMILIATED by The Rock during SmackDown

Ja Morant suffered a shoulder injury that ended his year in early January, and his already-shortened 2023-2024 season was officially limited to just nine games. The Memphis Grizzlies’ hopes of overcoming a slow start to get back into the playoff race faded when Morant returned to the sidelines, only to vanish altogether when Desmond Bane suffered a severe ankle sprain just a week later.
Memphis basically disappeared from the sight and thought of the general NBA public and even some of the team’s fans for more than two months. During last Friday’s Smackdown at Grind City, however, The Rock took a dig at Ja Morant’s record on firearms while criticizing wrestling foil Seth Rollins in a song.

“You’re simply an embarrassment, son. Just like Ja Morant, when he wields a gun.”.

Grizzlies fans don’t be too offended by The Rock’s dig at Ja Morant. Note his quick, laughing “I love you Ja!” after recalling Morant’s past propensity to recklessly brandish guns on social media. Clearly, The Rock was just having harmless fun at his own expense in front of a biased Memphis audience.

Morant’s response? He didn’t seem very upset.

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