Paul George is IN LOVE with European basketball

In the United States, there is more and more talk about the European basketball. Thanks to the explosion of so many players from the Old Continent, the NBA world is increasingly concerned with basketball played on the other side of the Atlantic.

European basketball always has an “exotic” appeal for Americans, but now it is no longer snubbed, but rather looked upon in some ways with admiration. Some offensive sets but also the establishment of theIn-Season Tournament (clearly borrowed from the national cups) and especially the atmosphere chilling atmosphere in some of the arenas: elements that will not leave U.S. players indifferent.

The latest in chronological order was Paul George. He who has a special connection to Europe, as his wife Daniela Rajic is of Serbian descent and the two were married in Italy.

In the latest installment of his Podcast P with Paul George Los Angeles Clippers star spoke about basketball in Serbia.

But have you seen the atmosphere in the arenas? My wife showed me videos of Partizan and Red Star with impressive choruses and smoke bombs. When I was in Belgrade they explained to me that it is like being in a gang, people ask you which side you are on and which team you represent. There is a very deep relationship with one’s theme. It would be great if that were the case here. Of course, I’m not talking about the violent implications but their way of experiencing the games.

George also talked about the differences on a technical and tactical level.

At our place there is a lot more isolation, there on the other hand the ball and the players move more, they don’t let one person handle it. They play very cleanly, there are more organized attacks while here we rely much more on one-on-one which affects the offensive phase so much.

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