Pat Beverley to Chris Paul: “Too small!” — but Lakers are at -26

Comical situation, at least for all who do not support Los Angeles Lakers, last night. In the fourth quarter Pat Beverley scored a basket by passing Chris Paul who was defending on him, then turned to the opponent and mimicked the gesture to say that CP3 was too small to mark him. “Too small!” Beverley shouted at Paul, too bad his Lakers at the time were down 26 points against the Phoenix Suns.

The exchange sparked social hilarity, but Beverley is no stranger to this kind of provocation. Chris Paul after the contest commented very diplomatically: “I can’t pay attention to these things. It’s nothing new, it’s just playing basketball.”.

The two have a long history of provocation since Paul wore a Clippers jersey. In last night’s game Beverley finished with 9 points and Paul with 28 and 8 assists.

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