Nikola Jokic has already misplaced his Finals MVP award 😂

Besides leaving everything on the floor for their respective teams this season, Nikola Jokic and Jimmy Butler have a lot in common, especially when it comes to MVP. Both superstars put team winning above all else and both prioritize the good of the team over their own personal achievements.

A testament to this fact is the way Jimmy Butler has openly stated that he intends to snub the Hall of Fame ceremony if he is ever inducted many years from now. This radical statement by the Miami Heat star elicited all kinds of reactions, and some of them were not so nice.

Well, Nikola Jokic has taken it a step further. Speaking with Malika Andrews of ESPN In a recent interview, the Denver Nuggets’ long player revealed that he misplaced the Finals MVP trophy:

“I really don’t know where it could have gone.”, Nikola Jokic replied when asked where the trophy was. “I left it in the equipment manager’s room and it’s not there anymore. So I don’t know. But I hope it will get to my house sooner or later.”

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