Could Draymond Green and Kevin Durant get back together after big fight?

Now we have officially entered the NBA offseason so naturally, all kinds of rumors will be floating around in the coming months. Former NBA champion turned ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins is doing his part to fuel the hype train this summer. In his recent list of summer predictions, he floated the possibility of a reunion between former teammates at the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.

However, KD will not be leaving the Phoenix Suns anytime soon, as he has only been with the team for half the season. Green, on the other hand, could choose to enter NBA free agency this offseason, with his current deal with the Warriors holding a player option for next season. In his mind, Perkins believes Draymond will eventually decide to jump ship and bring his talents to Phoenix:

The idea of Draymond Green leaving the Warriors this summer is nothing new, but a potential move to the Suns to reunite with Kevin Durant is indeed noteworthy.

To be clear, however, it does not appear that Kendrick Perkins is quoting a specific source and this appears to be nothing more than a bold prediction from his end. However, it is not as if Big Perk is pulling this idea out of thin air, so perhaps this prediction might have some truth to it.

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