Banchero’s Italian journey continues: Milan and the Rossoneri colors

After setting foot in Italy for the first time in recent days, visiting “his” Liguria, the homeland of his great-grandparents, today Paolo Banchero continued his journey passing through Milan. The Orlando Magic star, who in the not-too-distant future will have to decide whether or not to wear an Italbasket jersey, posted a photo while on the streets of downtown Milan.


Then Banchero also published a picture of his new Milan jersey, of course with the number 5 and his name. Probably a gift from the Rossoneri club. Already in recent months, on the occasion of the All Star Game, Milan had given the player a T-shirt. On that occasion, Banchero had thanked them and said he hoped to be able to go to the San Siro soon to watch a live game. The league is obviously on hold at the moment, but in the future who knows?

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