NBA opens investigation into what the Mavericks did vs. Chicago

It was predictable that the NBA would not let everything pass without action after the Dallas Mavericks had rested half the roster last night, including Luka Doncic after the first quarter, to purposely lose to the Chicago Bulls. In doing so, the Mavs essentially gave up the play-in, instead retaining the first-round pick in this year’s Draft, which otherwise would have ended up with the Knicks.

Circumstances that amount to pure tanking, the willingness to lose on purpose, something the NBA obviously does not accept and has done everything over the years to discourage. League spokesman Mike Bass stated a short while ago that. the NBA has opened an investigation into the Mavs’ actions and the reasons behind them.

Meanwhile, Dallas has not changed strategy, even for the last game of the season against San Antonio. Absent against the Spurs will be Doncic, Irving, Wood, Hardaway Jr, Green, Bullock, and Kleber, all of whom will be rested.

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