Dallas fears Luka Doncic may ask for a trade in 2024

I Dallas Mavericks are about to end a very disappointing season, with no post-season and several doubts about their future, starting with Kyrie Irving. The point guard will be a free agent in the summer, as will Christian Wood, and Jason Kidd anticipated that many players on the roster “will no longer be here next year.”. Luka Doncic, barring incredible surprises, will obviously still be Dallas’ mainstay, but the franchise would also be very concerned about his possible reaction.

So far the Mavs had been unable to build a roster level around the Slovenian, something that seemed to have changed with the addition of Irving. In fact, at least for now, the trade for Kyrie turned out to be a wash and now the franchise is reportedly even afraid that Doncic may ask to be traded in 2024, if the Mavericks do not improve significantly in the coming season. Thus, the 2023-24 season will be crucial for Dallas, which will have to build a team that is up to the task of not only achieving satisfactory results but also appeasing Doncic’s jitters.

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