Luka 2, created to gain ground in the field

What to know about Luka 2

– The Luka 2s were made with the goal of recreating Luka Doncic’s game and his talent for pulling away from his opponent. Doncic has always talked about “balance” as a necessary characteristic of the shoe to help him in his game.

– To gain ground on the court, designers combined two Jordan Brand-exclusive innovations: full-length Formula 23 and IsoPlate, which, together with the new Cushlon 3.0 foam, offer responsive support to the foot.

– A new Luka 2 colorway with a nod to Slovenia, the player’s home country, will be released during each season. At least 20 percent of the shoe’s total weight will be made from recycled material

Luka Doncic’s game is unique: he’s always in charge, breaks off his defender quickly and possesses game vision that allows him to predict plays. Jordan brand designers studied him carefully to develop the second version of his signature shoe, the Luka 2, designed to meet Doncic’s needs and those of the next generation of basketball talent.

The goal was to study his multidirectional game in search of ground and space, maximize these movements and help-with the shoe’s technology-to dislodge opponents. The Luka 2 was created with step-back, one of the key movements in Doncic’s game, in mind.

To help Doncic gain space on the court, designers combined two Jordan-exclusive innovations: full-length Formula 23 and IsoPlate. These, along with a Cushlon 3.0 foam medial wedge, help in giving the foot the gusto to facilitate play.

The midsole is composed of four different parts. Formula 23 foam supported by a compact foam layer. A soft foam wedge on the medial side that helps the foot sink in slightly so that it acquires the right angle. Finally, the latest version of the IsoPlate that helps the player maintain balance during changes of direction.

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The Luka 2 will be released in the Luk.AI colorway on July 5 for select Nike members and July 11 on and at select retailers.

Source: nike press office

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