The TikToker who could be selected in the NBA Draft

A few hours to the Draft which will mark the entry of Victor Wembanyama In the NBA world.

A highly anticipated event, in which he also managed to fit in. Jordan Haber. Name unknown to most, a tiktoker who will be present at the Barclays Center not as a spectator but as a player, selectable by the various franchises.

This is a guy who has never played basketball except at an amateur level who, partly out of boredom and partly for fun, declared himself eligible for the draft. Most amazingly, he passed the first selection and went on with the process and was selected. There are 300 players dreaming of a call-up from the NBA world, as well as 18 “unknwon individuals”, unknown elements who are nevertheless given a chance. This list includes Haber who obviously has no real hope of being chosen but in theory the thing could happen. He is, however, continually updating followers on the march toward the event via his TikTok profile and plans to produce a documentary on his adventure.

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