Wembanyama fearless: “Comparisons with Jordan don’t scare me, I will never change the way I play”

Victor Wembanyama is set to make his NBA debut. In a few hours the San Antonio Spurs will select him with the first overall call-up in the Draft.

The French talent arrived in the United States a few days ago and was JJ Redick’s guest on his podcast The Old Man & The Three. Here the transalpine starlet opened up, letting himself go into profound considerations, in some ways surprising for a 19-year-old boy. From Wemby’s words, then, so much conviction in his own means shines through.

I don’t feel any pressure because I always try to be carefree, live as a free man, I’m not scared of comparisons to Jordan, Kobe and LeBron. The way I play now is the way I want to maintain all my life, I just want to be myself and show it to everyone without any conditioning. There are so many with physique and talent who don’t have a proper head mentality, they end up losing touch with reality, I, on the other hand, am not afraid to lose my head. I will definitely make some mistakes but I have very clear ideas about who I want to be, I am guided by my heart so I will never end up off track, I have always given my best and I think I deserve everything I am getting. I also try to think beyond basketball, I reflect on life and who I want to be in general, a free man in the universe-this is what gives me strength even when I feel tired or lack motivation.

A speech that literally left even an experienced former player like JJ Redick speechless.

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