Lou Williams: “I think I deserve the Hall of Fame.”

Lou Williams a few months ago announced his retirement, at the end of a long career studded with personal achievements, especially the three Sixth Man of the Year titles., the only one to win that many along with Jamal Crawford. The point guard scored 13.9 career scoring average, up to even 22.6 in the 2017-18 season with the Clippers.

Williams has now stated that he feels he has done so much, enough to deserve Hall of Fame induction as well. I honestly think I’ve done enough. I think when we think of the Hall of Fame, we think of obvious players. Do you understand what I’m saying? Nobody thinks about the rest of the class. Every year there is a coach I’ve never heard of who goes into the Hall of Fame. There are players and staff members who go into the Hall of Fame. This recognition is for the impact that you had game, like no one else. And I think I have done that. So does Jamal Crawford. He will be eligible two years before I am, so what they do with him will give me an idea of what they do with me. Whether it’s first ballot or not, I think I’ve done enough to get in. I’m a person who embraced the role he was given, made it cool. Kids are now comfortable coming off the bench. Lou Williams stated to P Podcast, the Paul George podcast.

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