Klay Thompson eats a CLAMORIOUS layup but assures, “I’ll be back in the swing of things soon”

I Golden State Warriors lost at home 110-116 to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Golden State was trying to make a comeback in the fourth period but failed to complete the task partly because of a simple lay-up on wrong counterattack by Klay Thompson. On the offensive rebound Jonathan Kuminga, though more challenged than his partner, did not make another trivial mistake either.

Thompson finished with 16 points but with a paltry 5/16 from the field and 3/10 from three. Overall he is not having an easy start to the season: 16 points average and 35% from three are respectable numbers but not enough for someone like Klay.

Thompson, however, has not lost the self-confidence, indeed. He made this clear in the post-game.

The past teaches me that I must continue to have confidence. It’s no use fretting or being pressured, I’ve been experiencing these situations for more than 10 years. It is not easy to play in the NBA but I am not going to lose confidence in myself. I have always shown that I have the strength within me to rise up. I will play a great month, I assure you. In the first ten games I didn’t shoot as well as I know how to, in the next ten I’ll be back to being great.

In two days Thompson will have a chance to make up for it again against Minnesota at the Chase Center. This time, however, the challenge will also count for the In-Season Tournament.

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