LeBron James to the Warriors? Here’s what he knew about this negotiation

Spoke on set with the hosts of TNT’s “Inside the NBA” before the whistle blew for the All-Star Game, LeBron James said he was unaware of the Golden State Warriors’ attempt to grab his performance.

“I actually heard about it when everyone else heard about it. Sometimes there are conversations that happen behind closed doors that you don’t know about. And I guess until it’s real or not, then they will tell you. But it never came to me.”

James also told “Inside” that his oldest son, Bronny James, has not yet decided whether to enter the NBA draft at the end of his freshman season with USC.

“It’s up to him, it’s up to the kid. We are going through the whole process. He’s still in season now. He has the Pac-12 tournament coming up. We’ll look at all the options and let the kid decide.”

In short, let’s see what LeBron James’ future will be, although we feel like saying that it is unlikely to be at the Golden State Warriors. Let’s see though because anything can really happen in basketball.

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