All-Star Game, players expressed desire to be paid to compete

After the NBA In-Season Tournament, NBA management may consider introducing prize money in another competition. According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, players have expressed a desire to be paid to compete in the NBA All-Star Game.

The discussions stem from the fact that this year’s edition had very low defensive intensity. So much so that the Eastern Conference recorded an incredible 211 points in four quarters of play, while the Western Conference conceded 186.

Although Amick noted no concrete attempt by the NBA to make this “pay-for-play” scheme a reality, it is clear that the league wants players to compete more. This is evidenced by NBA commisioner Adam Silver’s lack of enthusiasm after the game and Larry Bird’s appeals before the game for players to compete more.

Unfortunately, the situation is what it is and a solution must be found, otherwise there is no coming out of this unseemly spectacle for the level of talent on the court. We are sure that Adam Silver will work to solve this problem related to the All-Star Game, and the option of paying players does not seem so crazy to us…

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