Duke-Connection with Jayson Tatum, the “secret” of Paul Banchero’s success

Paul Banchero continues to impress the NBA with his performances that make him the big favorite for the Rookie of the Year award.

This season the Orlando Magic have beaten the Boston Celtics, the team with the best record in the entire NBA, three times out of four. Right to a Celtics player, Jayson Tatum, Banchero is very close and has asked for several recommendations, as well as other stars who came out of the University of Duke just like the long man with an Italian passport.

In the past months Tatum has been one of my main points of reference. He helped me a lot when I took my first steps in the NBA world, before the Draft he helped me choose the agent and sign the trade agreement with Jordan Brand. These were all new things for me, so it was important to be able to get advice from him who had been through it before. As the season started we talked less but he was always available, he gave me his number telling me to call him for any needs, I feel under his protective wing and I really appreciate that. Zion Williamson, Grant Hill and RJ Barrett also helped me a lot. So many people think that “Brotherhood” for Duke is just a motto instead it is a real concept.

Tatum himself confirmed Banchero’s version.

I as a rookie received advice, those who gave it to me had received it before me. I know it’s not easy to come out of Duke with expectations of being picked in the lottery, I’ve been there before and I wanted to help Paul, I really like his style, he has great passion and works hard. It makes an impression on me to have become an example after six years in the NBA, guys watch my highlights, they are inspired by me and dream of facing me, I am proud of that but I will certainly never discount anyone on the parquet.

Source: Sky Sports

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