Brooklyn Nets have decided to exonerate coach Jacque Vaughn

Jacque Vaughn had come to serve as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets this season last year, leading the HCL to a final record of 43-32 under his management. And in the current season he now leaves the Nets bench, exonerated after a limp first part of the season, with the franchise 11th in the East and a record of 21-33.

Brooklyn, although among the worst teams in the Eastern Conference, still has hopes of reaching at least 10th place, which is 2.5 games away and would mean qualification for the Play-in. For the past two seasons the Nets have said goodbye to their superstars Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, agreeing to rebuild around Ben Simmons and Mikal Bridges. So far, however, it has not gone well, with Simmons being in the pits more often than on the court and Bridges experiencing a season in the shadows and dropping his point average by almost 5 points per game from a year ago.

Jacque Vaughn’s is the third NBA bench to jump this season after Adrian Griffin’s in Milwaukee and Wes Unseld Jr’s in Washington.

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