Anthony Edwards: “No one wants to come to the All Star Game to compete.”

In recent hours, following yet another All Star Game uninspiring, in which the East scored 211 points and won by nearly 30, we are back to talking about how the weekend has almost become a problem for the NBA. The Sunday game in particular has never been super-competitive (except perhaps for the final minutes of the 2020 edition), but in recent years it is really becoming something of a farce. Partly because players are careful not to defend for fear of injury, and partly because they have no incentive to make the challenge competitive. A solution for now has not been found, although Adam Silver has never hidden that he wants to resurrect the All Star Game. The commissioner, awarding the Eastern Conference All Stars at the end of last night’s game, hardly hid his bitterness. “You scored 211 points. Well — congratulations!” Silver said, taking a long pause before the congratulations.

But what do the players think? Anthony Edwards, in his second career All Star Game, called the game still fun despite not being competitive. That’s because the Minnesota Timberwolves star said he sees it as a break within the season, a time of pure fun.

“For me, it’s an all-star game and so I don’t think it will ever be really competitive. But it’s still fun, I don’t know what they could do to make it more competitive. It’s a break, I don’t think anyone wants to come here and compete.” Edwards said.

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