LeBron James chewed out coach Michael Malone on Instagram

In Denver (and Las Vegas), the Nuggets’ celebration of the first NBA title won in their history goes on, with a coach Michael Malone particularly unleashed. During the parade the coach, who even during the Playoffs had not spared himself sibylline statements for opposing players and teams, continued to taunt Joel Embiid on one side and the Los Angeles Lakers on the other, who were eliminated 4-0 by his Nuggets in the Conference Finals.

In a podcast recorded in recent days, Malone jokingly stated that he “thinking about retirement.”, aping the words of LeBron James after the sweep. But not only that. During the parade Vic Lombardi had introduced the coach by saying: “He came into the world as the son of a coach. [Brendan Malone, ndr], but in these Playoffs he became the daddy of the Lakers. [Lakers daddy, ndr]”.

Such teasing did not sit well with LeBron, who is enjoying his vacation in Europe: for example, he had kicked off the 24-hour Le Mans race in recent days. The Lakers star, who seems to have shelved the idea of retiring (assuming he ever really thought about it), responded to Malone on Instagram without ever mentioning him. James’ post can be understood as a generic warning, but it is impossible not to address it specifically to the Nuggets after what has happened in recent days. “I’ve been in Europe the last few weeks minding my own business and I feel like I’m so much in your thoughts huh? I think I know why. But I wave the flag in the faces of these pathetic people! Please make it cool to be a player again because the mud machine has never been so powerful. Enjoy your light but know that I am the sun. I will stay there forever!” LeBron James wrote.

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