What a risk for Wembanyama! He was almost going to say “San Antonio” before the draft and you can’t

The NBA Draft is not available until June 22 and it is absolutely no secret who will be the first overall pick. Victor Wembanyama has been projected as the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft for some time. He is considered a generational prospect and a notch above, literally and figuratively, the rest of the 2023 Draft class. Even so, teams and players should not talk publicly about their potential NBA Draft plans. Wembanyama already knows he will be drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, who hold the first pick in the NBA Draft. In a recent interview with a French network, he almost let slip what his NBA future holds.

This will be the third time in franchise history that the San Antonio Spurs hold the first pick in the NBA Draft. The first time they held the top pick they chose David Robinson. The second time they had the top pick they chose Tim Duncan. This is prestigious company for Victor Wembanyama in San Antonio. Both players have been NBA MVPs, NBA champions and Hall of Famers. Let’s see if Wemby will also succeed in these spells.

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