Kyrie Irving won’t name the Nets, but launches a broadside on social media

Kyrie Irving spoke out shortly after news of his trade request broke. He did so on Twitter, from his account, which for some time now has had the name “Hélà”, or her name in the Native American language. Irving never named the Brooklyn Nets, with whom he has had a contentious relationship at times for at least the past two years. But he has launched a real broadside, talking about “hatred” and of “manipulations”.

“To my colleagues: BE YOURSELF and GROW! Keep people around you who CELEBRATE YOU unconditionally and appreciate the hard work you put in. Distance yourselves from people who manipulate, hate and cause pain.” Irving wrote. Given the timing, it is very easy to read into it a message specifically to the Nets. A few months ago, earlier in the season, Brooklyn had punished the player for some of his outings considered anti-semitic, suspending him for several games. Before that, last season, they had decided to put him off the team when he refused to vaccinate against Covid.

Keep people around who CELEBRATE YOU unconditionally and appreciate all of the hard work that gets put in.
Distance yourself from the folks who manipulate, hate, and hurt.

It is no secret that Kyrie Irving wants a renewal at the maximum salary and with a long contract, just the length of the agreement had already been the main obstacle in the past months. The Nets, after what has happened in the past two years, no longer trust the point guard’s behavior.

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