Damian Lillard, two more teams (besides Miami) try before training camp begins

These days the rumors have resumed around Damian Lillard, who in July asked to be traded to the Portland Trail Blazers. Since then, there have been a series of reports, some even disturbing such as the player’s intention to wear only the jersey of the Miami Heat. Over the weeks, there have also been those who have argued that Lillard, should he be traded to a team other than Miami, would again ask for a trade.

In recent hours, Bleacher Report insider Jake Fischer reported of the strong interest of Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls in Lillard. Both teams, according to this report, may be making offers these days.

Those are two possible destinations for Lillard, among the most talked about around the league. The NBA world expects Portland to talk to Miami before finalizing anything with another suitor, but the Heat have not been the team the Blazers have talked to the most about Lillard.

Miami, perhaps aware of its huge advantage over the others, has not pushed too hard on the accelerator in recent months to get Damian Lillard on its own terms. The most important player the Heat would like to bring to the table is Tyler Herro, perhaps not enough to convince Portland.

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