EuroLeague more difficult than the NBA? Kevin Durant doesn’t agree at all

On social Kevin Durant never backs down. Over the years, the Phoenix Suns superstar has engaged in several discussions with fans on various topics, basketball in particular. In the past few hours, it happened again: KD found himself responding to a user who was comparing EuroLega and NBA.

It all started with a tweet quoting Kyle Hines’ words in a recent interview with BasketNews: “I would say the NBA is checkers and the EuroLega is chess.”. The Milan player, with this metaphor, wanted to argue that the EuroLega was a more complex competition than the American League. One user retorted: “The NBA is easy, the EuroLeague is hard. Everyone says. Joel Embiid couldn’t score 30 points on average in the EuroLeague!”.

This is where Durant stepped in: “Get out of here, you’re all crazy!”.

But the conversation continued, with user B-Moe responding to the Suns phenomenon: “You don’t defend at all. The game is built to score and it ends there. We see it on a daily basis.”. So a new replication of KD: “Brother, no one will take you seriously if you talk like that, you are trying to forcibly go against the grain.”.

So the third and final beat. The user commented: “Stop it. Just because there is more money and you are more famous that doesn’t mean the game in the NBA is more competitive and difficult. We know what NBA basketball is all about: scoring. They even had to put a rule against flopping. Do you think that’s good?”.

“Now you’re going off on a tangent. You won, brother. I hope you ordered EuroLega season tickets to support the boys this year.” Kevin Durant closed.

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