Toronto on Lillard? Marc Stein gives us an important update!

The Damian Lillard saga has gripped everyone this summer: the player has expressed his desire to be traded to the Miami Heat, while the Portland Trail Blazers have said they would accept the best offer, regardless of the destination. The Toronto Raptors have recently shown their like team towards Damian Lillard, and teams around the league have been convinced they are interested in the star, according to Marc Stein.

“The Toronto Raptors have convinced numerous teams around the league that their interest in Lillard is real.”, Stein wrote in his newsletter. “The uncertainty at this point stems more from assessing Toronto’s real willingness to go all the way in pursuit of Lillard, when it is believed that the All-Star guard, behind the scenes, continues to oppose the idea of becoming a Raptor.”

It would not be the first time the Raptors acquired a star who may not want to stay long-term. They did it with Kawhi Leonard and won their first and only NBA championship. It makes sense that as far as Lillard is concerned, at least due diligence would be done, since the Toronto Raptors are not known as a destination for free agents.

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