Kyrie Irving, LeBron James’ reaction also comes in.

I Los Angeles Lakers are definitely the prime suspects to get to Kyrie Irving, and they had also been approached about him last summer. If they do not make a trade for Irving, they will probably try to sign him in the summer when he is a free agent, taking advantage of the space that Russell Westbrook’s contract expiration will free up. The news of the non-renewal with the Nets was greeted with great joy by LeBron James, who has made no secret of his own hype for a possible reunion With Irving.

The King, who in a few days will become the best scorer in NBA history, tweeted two emoji: a crown and eyes. Again, as with Irving’s tweet of the past few hours, the timing leaves little to the imagination. James would welcome a return of Kyrie Irving to his court-the two won the title in Cleveland in 2016 before parting ways a year later.

Kyle Kuzma, LeBron’s former Lakers partner and friend, immediately responded, jokingly accusing him of tampering.

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