Kai Jones will stay away from the Hornets for a while after his ‘crazy’ social media posts

The summer of Kai Jones was very unique. Until July, we had not heard much about this center of the Charlotte Hornets, chosen with the 19th overall call in 2021 but took the field only 67 times in two years with 2.7 points average. Jones was first talked about when, in Summer League, he was credited with posterizing Wembanyama in his first game with the Spurs. But then the Charlotte player became known for some wacky, certainly eccentric, behavior on social media.

In early September, Jones, in an Instagram feed, had spoken about his future at the Hornets categorically ruling out the possibility of being traded, all no doubt in a somewhat elevated state of mind.

In a tweet on September 14, then, Kai Jones stated. being able to beat LeBron James in 1vs1. Instead, a screen of a private conversation between the player and a boy follower of his, who challenged him, has been circulating these days. The dialogue has a surreal quality because to the question “When are you going to play in Milwaukee?”, Jones simply replied “We will play against the Bucks.”. At that point, when the user repeated the question, the Hornets’ long player retorted angrily: “Look at your calendar, cog****e! I’ll teach you a lesson!”.

Meanwhile, several times, live on IG, over the past few weeks Jones has ventured in very animated and somewhat strange dances. Nothing serious, of course. But perhaps the Hornets have noticed these behaviors a bit too much over the top on social media.

For this reason, Charlotte announced in recent hours that. Kai Jones will stay away from the team for “personal reasons.”. It is unclear what the reasons are, but on social media everyone has begun to speculate that the reason is just this rather eccentric way of behaving, perhaps too much so.

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