Paul Banchero is clear: “I want the Playoffs and Rookie of the Year.”

Paolo Banchero has very clear ideas about his immediate future and seasonal goals. The Italian player wants to win the Rookie of the Year and participate in the post-season as early as this year.

I would like to participate in the Playoffs already this year or at least the Play-In and then play there, while on a personal level the goal is the Rookie of the Year award. To make it I just think about working harder than others, taking as many shots as I can, doing a lot of dirty work, training my legs, balance and shooting mechanics. I try to improve every day by taking each game as a personal challenge with myself, teammates and coaches tell me over and over to always have confidence in myself on both ends of the court. That makes all the difference in the world, every time I raise my hand I am confident to score but I don’t want to force or pump up my stats, I just think about winning and figuring out how I can do it consistently.

Source: The Athletic

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