It may have been revealed what Jordan Poole said to Draymond Green before he received the famous punch

Everyone will remember the incident, which happened about a year during the training camp of the Golden State Warriors, in which Draymond Green violently punched his teammate Jordan Poole in the face.. To make matters even more serious, a video (without audio) of the incident was also released and Green was “took some time off.” away from the team. The Warriors then played out the season with both Green and Poole, certainly not an easy season culminating with elimination in the second round of the Playoffs at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Then in the summer Poole was traded to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Chris Paul, so that Golden State could have the salary space to renew Green’s own contract.

Many in the months following that punch wondered what Poole had said to provoke that ire in his partner, it was suspected to be something related to the contract itself since the guard had just signed a renewal at the maximum salary that seemed to close the door on Green’s extension.

Now Pablo Torre, in his podcast, has revealed what may have been the real trigger phrase. “You are an expensive ballast for number 30.” Poole reportedly said to Green, referring precisely to his partner’s contract. A ballast the Warriors preferred to hold on to, however, as Draymond was eventually renewed while Jordan Poole himself was dumped after a disappointing post-season.

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