Ja Morant’s father takes blame for son’s mistakes

As Ja Morant made his return to the NBA tonight against the Houston Rockets, his father Tee Morant could not help but reflect on the path his son has gone through and the challenges the Memphis Grizzlies star had to overcome to play again.

Morant has been out for nearly three weeks after finding himself in a lot of controversy. It started after the Grizzlies guard displayed a gun during a live IG and went into a downward spiral for him afterward. Morant was criticized for what many called “thuggish” actions, and it didn’t help that several reports about his off-court conduct painted him in a negative light. For one, there were allegations that he assaulted a teenage girl during a high school volleyball game.

The Grizzlies phenom was suspended for his actions. He also underwent counseling in Florida before receiving the green light to play again.

After the incredibly difficult time for his son, Tee Morant said he is blaming himself for everything that happened, noting that he could have done a better job of leading Ja.

“I blame myself. I blame myself. Because that is my son. When I say I would die for my children, I really would die for my children. Now what does the world think of him? Whatever my son does, I will always blame myself.”, the Morant family patriarch told The Athletic.

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