Irving donates nearly $40,000 to victims of tragic Texas car crash

There is no denying that Kyrie Irving is one of the NBA’s most controversial superstars today. To be honest, we have heard virtually nothing since he joined the Dallas Mavericks last month. Be that as it may, it won’t be a big surprise if the Mavs star ends up making a few mistakes again soon that will end up on every sports website homepage.

Despite his rather eclectic personality, one thing you cannot deny about Irving is that he has a really good heart. His good deeds off the basketball court unfortunately often have less hype than the scandals in which he has been involved. Therefore, we take this opportunity to shed light on one of Irving’s recent acts of selflessness.

Sharath Yedavelli and a couple of his friends were recently in a tragic car accident on their way home from evening classes at the University of North Texas. Although he suffered serious injuries, Yedavelli survived the accident and is now undergoing intensive rehabilitation. Her friend, Vaani Yadlapati, died, however, a week after the accident.

Kyrie Irving somehow learned about the accident and the Mavs superstar decided to donate $38,000 to the victims’ families. Yedavelli himself admitted that he did not know who Irving was at first, but he is extremely grateful for Kyrie’s act of kindness:

“I was shocked and surprised. I saw the name Kyrie Irving among the donors and immediately Googled him.” Yedavelli said via Jobin Panicker of the WFAA.

“Everyone has money but no one has the courage to donate it. A big thank you for helping us and our family.”.

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