LeBron James pushes for Kyrie Irving but Lakers also have alternatives

The NBA market is going crazy with Brooklyn the absolute star player on the way out. The Nets, in fact, will most likely lose Kevin Durant, who has asked to be traded, and probably also Kyrie Irving.

There has been talk for days of a possible trade that would allow the former Cavs forward to return to play with friend LeBron James. The Lakers would end up with Irving and one between Seth Curry and Joe Harris (more likely because he holds a more onerous contract), Brooklyn would go Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Nunn and a package of draft picks. Negotiation exists with LBJ personally pushing in this direction and would like this solution “more than anything else,” as reported by Marc Stein.

In reality, however, the yellowviola are also preparing a Plan B that answers to the name of Buddy Hield, already hinted at in LA during last summer. Clear intent of management to add more danger on the perimeter, as evidenced by interest in Curry and Harris in the Irving package. The sale of Malcolm Brogdon to the Celtics, however, complicates Hield’s exit, as Indiana would not want to deprive itself of another star. For this reason, the veteran is also in the crosshairs. Eric Gordon, coming off a 41 percent season from the arc and represented de facto by Rob Pelinka, vice president of Los Angeles.

On the Irving front, however, although the Lakers solution remains the most likely, watch out for the possible inclusion of Dallas Mavericks e Philadelphia 76ers, whose interest was revealed by Shams Charania.

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