LeBron James may return in final week of RS, but he balks

I Los Angeles Lakers are continuing their chase for the Play-in after a very disappointing first part of the season: with 9 games remaining, the yellow-purple are 10th and have a record of 36-37. If the regular season ended today, they would qualify for the Play-in with the last available position and would have to face the Dallas Mavericks in a dry run. Those who could take 10th place away from them are the Jazz and Pelicans, both 0.5 games away. In all of this, LeBron James follows the Lakers still in street clothes from the bench because of his foot injury right after the All Star Game.

LeBron was initially supposed to be out 2-3 weeks at a minimum, to date it has been 4 weeks and the return is still not close. Various reporters such as Adrian Wojnarowski reported a short while ago that. the Lakers’ goal would be to have James back for the last week of the regular season. According to these reports, the L.A. 23 would be reevaluated just these days and would resume on-field activities.

But this is where the person directly involved intervened: with a tweet, LeBron James denied any medical examination and all updates on his condition. “There was no evaluation today and there is no definite date for my return. I work every day to give myself the best chance to return to top form no matter when. God bless your sources. I speak for myself!” James wrote, rather piqued.

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