Referees in the storm again: Phoenix Suns furious after loss to Lakers

These are not easy hours for the NBA referees.

Not only the unbelievable events that happened in the game between Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors, but also harsh protests in another NBA game. Complaining are the Phoenix Suns Who have pulled only 20 free throws against 46 opponents in the 122-111 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

A similar thing had happened to the Arizona franchise a few weeks ago against the Milwuakee Bucks. This time the coach Monty Williams seemed even angrier, strongly criticized the whistles’ actions, and then left the press conference without answering further questions.

Did today’s match seem like a match where you assign 46 free throws to one team? It’s not fair, it happens too often against us. The opponents hit hard but the referees don’t make the same calls, I’m just tired. We have Booker but others shoot 46 free throws and we shoot 20. Our guys who came in off the bench never went to the lunette, I can’t take it anymore, we’ve been talking about the same things for too long, whatever the opponent is.

Also Chris Paul recoiled. The peculiarity is that one of the referees was Scott Foster, the very referee whom CP3 harshly criticized after a 2021 Playoffs game with the same Lakers, recalling that he had lost 11 straight with him in the postseason.

This is not the first time absurd things like this have happened. I watch a lot of games and wonder why Booker attacks the basket all the time but doesn’t get the same whistles that are guaranteed to others. Crazy stuff, as is the communication with the referees.

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