Ja Morant, suspension from Memphis comes for gun video

Ja Morant got into trouble this morning when an Instagram live video of him with a gun went viral and he got himself suspended.

The Memphis Grizzlies star had already been suspended by the team for a similar incident two months ago. A few hours after the video went viral, the Grizzlies announced that Ja Morant had taken an indefinite suspension, according to their team PR.

Ja Morant went viral again this morning after appearing on an IG Live of his friend. It seemed like a harmless situation at first glance, with the Grizzlies star dancing with his friend. However, in the middle of the Live, Morant pulls out a gun and waves it. The camera then suddenly turns and moves away from the phenomenon, but it is too late.

This is now the second time Morant has displayed a gun during an Instagram Live session. The first incident happened two months ago, when the Grizzlies star displayed a gun while partying at a Denver nightclub. Morant was suspended eight games for that infraction. Fans hoped he would learn his lesson and be more careful with guns and social media, especially with the financial repercussions. Alas, he has not.

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