Ja Morant, “I fell for it again”: video of him holding a gun goes viral again

Ja Morant is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons because of his off-the-field antics.

Today Morant went viral after he was seen firing a gun during an Instagram Live he did on Saturday. A video of the said IG Live is now making the rounds on social media, with fans and critics expressing disappointment about it.

In this video, Ja Morant is driving around with a friend in the car listening to YoungBoy’s new album Never Broke Again. While it looked like the usual Grizzlies star was having a good time, the situation got worse when Morant appeared for a brief second with a gun.

The guy filming may have realized the mistake and quickly moved the camera away from Ja as they continued to listen to the song in the background. However, fans took a screenshot of the moment Morant displayed the gun, which has since been shared all over social media.

Now it is worth noting that there is a lot of unknown information here. First, it has yet to be confirmed whether it is a real gun or not. Of course, the other issue is whether it is Morant’s gun or not. During his previous gun incident in a Denver nightclub, he claimed that the gun he showed was not his own. Let’s see how the League will act this time.

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