“It’s s**t!”, DeMarcus Cousins CRITICS the requirement to play at least 65 games in order to win MVP

A topic of conversation that has invaded NBA circles of late due to the recent absences of Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid is that of the league’s new rules regarding eligibility for end-of-season awards. If Embiid misses just a few more contests, the 76ers star may not win his second consecutive MVP, even though his statistics would suggest he should be the favorite. This rule in awarding the MVP does not please DeMarcus Cousins.

The rule change is part of an effort by the NBA last season to reduce load management and rest games and incentivize its stars to play more. One person who is not a big fan of the idea in question about the MVP is former Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins, who recently took part in the “Bully Ball Podcast with Rachel and Boogie” to comment on the rule change.

“I think it’s a real s**t. I also think it’s a shift of blame when it comes to something that created the league. I talked about this last week when I talked about analytics and how these nerds are messing up the game. I stand by that statement and the reason is that analytics is why load management came into the game. They introduced load management because they thought analytics showed it would help prevent injuries to league players. Now that rule has been manipulated, it has been exploited, and now they are trying to put a Band-Aid on a wound that the league has created.”

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