“I’m a birdbrain,” Joe Mazzulla’s dig at Kendrick Perkins

Boston Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla is typically perceived as stoic, but it is certain that a wild side simmers within him. On Tuesday Mazzulla made sure to unleash it at the expense of 2008 champion and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins.

Before the C’s defeated the Indiana Pacers 129 to 124, improving their season record to 37-11, the coach decided to have some impromptu fun.

“Joe Mazzulla came to the podium, sat down and immediately listed the injuries. (Al Horford and Luke Kornet were both sidelined),” WEEI’s Justin Turpin told X. “A reporter jokingly asked him for his ‘medical’ opinion on injuries, to which Mazzulla replied, ‘I’m a birdbrain, you know I can’t do that.’ in response to Perk.”

The remark is in response to comments made by Kendrick Perkins earlier this month to NBA Today who explained that there are two versions of Mazzulla for these Boston Celtics. The first emphasizes the 3-point shooting strategy and looks brilliant when the conclusions go in. The second, according to the now-retired center, does not contain an abundance of intelligent.

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