It really happened: the Detroit Pistons won a game!

It seemed impossible, but in the end it really happened. A few days ago the Detroit Pistons had collapsed from +19 at halftime losing in OT to Boston, tonight instead Monty Williams’ team finally managed to break the streak of 28 consecutive losses, winning at home against the Toronto Raptors 129-1279.

Toronto was without OG Anunoby, who was traded to New York within hours of the two-game ball. Detroit closed the first half ahead 52-44, but was caught up and outscored by the Raptors in the third period. In the last fraction, the counterbreak and the decisive stretch, again in the sign of Cunningham Falls, 30 points and 12 assists. Overall, the Pistons found contributions from everyone, sending five players into double figures.

The Pistons then stop at 28 straight KOs, an NBA record in a single season, tied with the Philadelphia 76ers a decade ago for the all-time record. Between the end of the 2014-15 season and the beginning of 2015-16 in fact, the Sixers lost precisely 28 consecutive games. Detroit is currently last in the NBA with a 3-29 record.

Finally Pistons fans can get the free chicken wings they were promised “with every win” now over 2 months ago.


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