Chaos in Lakers-T’Wolves finale: LeBron BLOWNS over referee decision

It was a finale full of controversy that of the game between Los Angeles Lakers e Minnesota Timberwolves, won by the latter 108-106. The chaos was generated by the basket scored by LeBron James just seconds before the buzzer., which might have looked like a triple and would have tied the Lakers but instead the referees, also reviewing the instant replay, ruled it was a 2-shot because the yellow-purple star would have stepped, albeit slightly, on the line.

Even reviewing the replay many times, it is difficult to say for sure whether a few millimeters of James’ shoe is actually on the line. Since it was a 2-point shot, the Lakers were down -1 and on the next possession Anthony Edwards, having been fouled, made 1/2 at the free, ending the game because too little time remained for the yellow-purple to attempt a shot.

Of course, the controversy did not remain confined to the field. In the postgame James, with more calmness, still launched broadsides at the referees: “It was obviously a triple, I was behind the line. You can see the space between my foot and the line.”. And again: “What is the point of having the replay if then even with the replay you make these mistakes?”. Finally, asking the NBA to “don’t be stupid when they release the Last 2 Minute Report.”.

Then LeBron James switched to his own social, on Instagram he posted the still image of his foot at the moment of the shot. “A happy birthday to me!” wrote the player, as he was just 39 years old yesterday.

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