Aaron Gordon told how he was attacked by his own dog

Last week Aaron Gordon, just on Christmas Day, had been bitten by his own Rottweiler dog in the face and on his right hand, the one he shoots with. The Denver Nuggets player’s condition was certainly not critical, but he had been applied 21 stitches in total. Gordon returned to practice with the team yesterday and will probably be available for one of the upcoming games. “I’ve already played with stitches on my hand.” stated the player.

Interviewed by the Denver Post, Gordon told in recent hours how the incident involving him occurred. “I love dogs, I grew up with dogs all my life. But because we’re away a lot, my dad is taking care of my dog, so I can’t train him personally … I feel fine, everything is fine.” Gordon stated.

Then the player went into detail about the episode: “I think it’s a little embarrassing, but not so embarrassing that we can’t talk about it. I don’t drink much during the season, but at Christmas I probably drank a little too much eggnog. I was in the house playing vigorously with my dog, and I think he got a little agitated and started biting me. He bit me, I was trying to get him off me and he bit my hand. I was being stupid with my dog, and I ended up paying the price for it.. It’s a stupid injury, and I had to miss a couple of games and stay away from the team. Staying in the hospital and getting stitches is never fun. I was sorry because I was taking time away from doctors who might have been dealing with more serious cases than mine. I feel kind of stupid, but it’s okay.”.

However, Aaron Gordon was keen to tell us that his Rottweiler is. “a good dog, very sweet and affectionate.”. No hard feelings, in short.

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