VIDEO: LeBron IMPAZZISES over missed foul whistle that would have given him the winning free throws against Celtics

LeBron James absolutely lost his temper after NBA referees failed to whistle an obvious foul by Jayson Tatum that would have given the Los Angeles Lakers a chance to win against the Boston Celtics as time expired.

With the score tied 105-105, James took matters into his own hands and attacked the iron for the potential game-winning lay-up. LeBron missed it, but only because Tatum clearly hit him while he was penetrating.

Unfortunately, the referees did not whistle a foul that would have justified giving two free throws and paved the way for the Lakers’ victory. Obviously, James was shocked that there was no whistle and became enraged, showing all the frustration of the case with a scene that went around the web.

LeBron James absolutely fuming that he didn’t get the foul call at the end of Lakers-Celtics 😳

The Lakers fought back in overtime, but in the end the Celtics beat them 125 to 121.

The problem is that the match should not have gone to overtime. The mistake of not whistling that foul we think is unbelievable and unacceptable in the NBA. We can only agree with LeBron in the case of the NBA match between Lakers and Celtics.

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