Scot Polard, the former NBA champion hanging by a thread: he needs a new heart

Scot Polard won the NBA title in 2008 with the Boston Celtics but is fighting the most important battle of his life these months.

The former center has heart failure and is expected to undergo a heart transplant. It is currently in waiting list at three different hospitals but so far he has never received the call that could save his life. There is no compatible heart and his life remains hanging by a thread.

Unfortunately, the heart problems are hereditary and cut short Polard’s father at the age of 51. Two of Scot’s five siblings suffer from the same problem.

The former player always monitored himself steadily, given his family’s medical history, but had never encountered any issues before the start of 2021. At that point, a virus brought out the latent condition in his heart, just as had happened to his father 30 years earlier. So far, he has had three ablations and wears a pacemaker, but neither these measures nor drug treatments have yielded results, so much so that doctors have stopped prescribing drugs because the side effects have begun to outweigh the benefits. The only solution for Polard is a transplant but at the moment he has not received the most important call of his life.

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