Miles Bridges turned himself in and was arrested again

Miles Bridges has decided to turn himself in after an arrest warrant was issued against him in recent days, the second in recent months. The player was recently reinstated in the NBA by the Charlotte Hornets, albeit with a 30-game suspension, after the case that saw him accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend. Officially, he was not convicted due to a plea bargain of sorts that allowed him to avoid jail time.

October 6, 2023, several months after the trial ended, Bridges, however, allegedly violated the restrictive measures preventing him from approaching his ex-girlfriend. The player allegedly threw billiard balls at the woman’s car, in which their children were also in.

In addition to the news of Miles Bridges’ decision to turn himself in to authorities, journalist Joe Bruno also updated on a previous arrest warrant dating back to January 2023 for similar reasons. In that case, the player allegedly violated restrictions by repeatedly contacting his ex-girlfriend via both social media and telephone.

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