Is Kawhi Leonard really an emotionless robot? Paul George’s surprising answer

Kawhi Leonard has always been known as a threat on both ends of the court. However, the Los Angeles Clippers star has become more famous for his obvious lack of emotion when making big plays. Most NBA fans saw the man in form in his game-winning shot against the Philadelphia 76ers for the Toronto Raptors in 2019. In spite of what the general narratives show, Kawhi Leonard is also capable of showing emotion at times, as Paul George recounted. PG revealed how his co-star behaves outside of media representation in his latest statement, via Taylor Rooks of NBA on TNT.

“People don’t realize it’s as normal as possible.”, Paul George said about Kawhi Leonard.

George has been with Leonard since they both decided to form a duo in the Clippers system. The two have already faced a whirlwind of challenges and a fair amount of encounters. This means that George has a good sense of what Leonard is as a person.

“He is funny, charismatic, and has personality.”, Paul Geoge stated about Kawhi Leonard.

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