Gregg Popovich explains the importance of team dinners

Gregg Popovich is one of the coaches who has made the most history in basketball. His epic at the helm of the San Antonio Spurs is legend and continues to this day. At the moment, the winningest coach since the birth of the NBA leads a young team in which star Victor Wembanyama stands out, but the Texans could soon become competitive again with a few market transactions.

In any case, Popovich has also gained extensive experience in team management, partly because he has had so many non-American players. And Coach Pop, as a renowned wine connoisseur, explained how important team dinners are for getting to the top.

Team dinners are critical for a coach and for the whole team. Coaches need them to get to know the players well, to know if they have daughters, if they are dating three women at the same time or three men. Over the years I have coached many foreign athletes, and if you hang out with them off the field you can learn a lot about the World. Thanks to the dinners a player begins to feel sympathy and affection for his teammates and begins to feel more and more a sense of responsibility for them.

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