Kevin Durant wonders why no one considers him the GOAT, then lets the field do the talking…

Kevin Durant literally dragged the Phoenix Suns to a 115-113 victory over the Chicago Bulls.

For KD 43 points, a key role in his team’s comeback from -23 and most importantly the buzzer beater of victory. Numbers that stand out even more on a night when Bradley Beal and Devin Booker did not shine, finishing with 18 and 17 respectively, shooting 13/28 overall from the field.

A few hours earlier Durant in an interview with Az Central had been annoyed because he is never included in the debate on best player of all time.

Why is I never mentioned when discussing who the GOAT is? What am I missing? Maybe it’s because I chose to go to Golden State?

Historically, in fact, KD is challenged for choosing to join an existing super-team in order to win two titles.

Durant also made headlines for the hilarious reaction he had in his press conference when he learned that Joel Embiid had scored 70 points.

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