Gilberto Sacrati, body examinations today: why all the doubts about natural death?

In the night between Thursday and Friday Gilberto Sacrati, former patron of Fortitudo Bologna, passed away, only that doubts immediately emerged about the natural death of the entrepreneur who led Effe to bankruptcy.

An external examination will be conducted today on Gilberto Sacrati’s body, at the Certosa morgue where it is still located, so as to understand whether the causes of death were natural or not. In the latter case, the expert’s report will go straight to the Prosecutor’s Office, because open a file and arrange for an autopsy, which for the moment the prosecutor, Giampiero Nascimbeni, has not found necessary, as written by Bologna’s Il Resto del Carlino.

The entrepreneur had been ill for some time, but some details of his final hours are according to his ex-wife and daughter unclear. For example. there were broken glasses and paintings all over the room he was in, not exactly normal. Besides the fact that he was not alone but in the company of a woman at the time of his death. increases doubts about Gilberto Sacrati’s natural death. Finally, his daughter had seen him a few hours earlier and had not complained of any particular physical problems.

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