Fontecchio starts from the bench and helps Detroit beat Chicago

Tonight Simone Fontecchio did not start in the quintet in the game between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls but still did very well as he put up 17 points in 21 and change minutes.

The Italian boy shot 6 of 12 from the field, with a’excellent 3-point percentage, 55.6 percent, which means 5 of 9. In addition to this, Simone Fontecchio grabbed 3 rebounds, dished out 1 assist and recovered 1 possession in the Detroit Pistons’ win over the Chicago Bulls at the United Center in Illinois.

Of course, it’s no problem for the former Utah Jazz guy to start in the quintet or come off the bench, the important thing is to have the confidence of coach Monty Williams and to be able to play for a few dozen minutes, so he can prove his full value.

On Friday night and Saturday the Motor City lineup will face the Cleveland Cavaliers at Little Caesars Arena, and then two nights later they will be on the scene in Orlando. We’ll see if Simone Fontecchio will be in the quintet this weekend or if coach Monty Williams will continue to start him from the bench. Only time will tell.

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