Gallinari a target of some contenders? Here are his thoughts

Danilo Gallinari has had a more than decent start to the season in a Washington Wizards jersey after more than 14 months away from the basketball court But his dream remains to win an NBA ring, a goal he surely cannot achieve this year with the capital team.

However, the 1988 class remains a veteran who is always very desirable for contenders who need playoff experience. It is not out of the question, should he be well until February, could become the object of desire of some lineup that wants to try to win the NBA title before the trade deadline. Here are what Gallinari’s thoughts on the matter released to Simone Sandri of La Gazzetta dello Sport:

“I don’t pay much attention to the rumors that would have me as a possible target via trade of some contenders. It’s part of the game, part of how the NBA business works. It’s not my thought right now. When the time comes, if the time comes, I will deal with it as I have always dealt with it. These are things out of my control, we are kind of spectators to these situations.”

Let’s see if anything concrete moves in the next few weeks or not.

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