First pick to the Spurs: big party in San Antonio for Victor Wembanyama

I San Antonio Spurs Will have the first overall pick at the next Draft. They will be the ones, therefore, who will take the Victor Wembanyama.

Immediately after the draw, the joy of the Spurs fans, but also of the executives, primarily the chairman Peter J. Holt who was participating in the Lottery.

Not to be outdone were the employees of the Spurs, exploded with joy in front of the TV.

Everything happened in San Antonio: scenes of jubilation in the premises, where people gathered to watch the Lottery live, as if it were a decisive game.

For example, at this pub patrons went wild, as the managers had assured a free round of drinks should the Spurs draw #1.

And right after the draw carousels In the streets.

So many, of course, the social reactions. On the network, the two most ridden topics are the stainlessness of Gregg Popovich (who at this point will probably decide to continue for a few more years, so he can enjoy Wemby) and the triptych of long players chosen with the first overall call-up by the Spurs: David Robinson in 1987, Tim Duncan in 1997 and in a few weeks Victor Wembanyama.

On Twitter, Manu Ginobili also expressed all his happiness.

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